2,750.00 DHS

The Djembe, rich in overtones, is one of the most popular indigenous instruments, suitable for stage and drum circle. Everything in the design of the ancient West African instrument conspires to deliver a wide palette of overtones. When conceiving the new LP Aspire Bowl Shaped Djembe, LP designers looked to the belly of the beast-to the distinctive top portion of the hourglass/goblet resonating cavity that is responsible for the germination of the daunting low fundamentals and snapping high frequencies. LP engineers have created a special bowl shape for the new Aspire Djembe, which serves to attenuate errant overtones and focus an increased range of fundamental pitches.

Description du Produit

Created of kiln-dried, environmentally friendly Siam oak, the LP Aspire Bowl Shaped Djembe is 25? tall and is fitted with 12.5? handpicked goatskin heads. The rims are EZ Curve to minimize hand-to-rim trauma, while mechanical tuning is simple, smooth and flawless. The drum may be played in homes on oak, maple or exotic hardwoods due to a protective rubber, non-skid bottom. The LP Aspire Bowl Shaped Djembe is an innovation in true LP style-that is, the pursuit of authentic indigenous sounds and the researching of new ways to attain them.


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